CSE 140 Syllabus


Online Required Textbook: Digital Design by F. Vahid

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    Recommended Textbooks and References: (reserved at Library)


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    Week Lecture Homework Required zyBook Weekly Activities Recommended Readings
    1 Course Overview - The digital abstraction and basic logic gates.
    Lecture 1 [pptx file] [ pdf file]
    Homework1 due Monday 4/17/17@11:59pm solution tex zyBook activities in Chapter 1 due Sunday 4/9/17@11:59pm zyBook Chapter 1
    Combinational Logic: 1. scope; 2. Boolean algebra; 3. switching functions, logic diagrams, truth table; 4. handy tools: DeMorgan's, consensus, Shannon's expansion; 5. combinational circuits: POS and SOP canonical forms.
    Lecture 2 [pptx file] [pdf file]
    2 Combinational Circuits: Logic minimization with 2-, multivariable- K-maps.
    Lecture 3 [pptx file] [pdf file]
    Homework2 due Monday 4/24/17@11:59pm solution tex zyBook activities in Chapter 2 due Sunday 4/16/17@11:59pm zyBook Chapter 2
    3 K-Maps (essential and non-essential prime implicants and implicates) K-map to product of sum minimization K-Maps in higher dimensions
    Lecture 4 [pptx file] [pdf file]
    Lecture 5 [pptx file] [pdf file]
    zyBook activities in sections 3.1-3.4, and sections 4.1-4.3 due Sunday 4/23/17@11:59pm zyBook Chapters 3 & 4
    4 Universal set, XOR, NAND, NOR gates, and block diagram transfers
    Lecture 6 [pptx file] [pdf file]
    Homework3 due Monday 5/1/17@11:59pm solution tex
    For midterm 1 exam, practice midterm 1 and the first two questions of midterm 2 of previous quarters. [Midterm 1 Exam, Fall 2014] [Midterm 1 Solution, Fall 2014] [Midterm 1 Exam, Winter 2016] [Midterm 1 Solution, Winter 2016] [Midterm 2, Fall 2014] [Midterm 2 Exam, Winter 2016] [Midterm 2 Solution, Winter 2016]
    No zyBook assignment
    5 Sequential Networks: Introduction and memory components
    Lecture 7 [pptx file] [pdf file]
    [Midterm 1 Solution, Spring 2017] zyBook activities in sections 3.5-3.8 Sunday 5/7/17@11:59pm zyBook Chapters 3
    6 Sequential Networks: Specification, analysis and implementation
    Lecture 8 [pptx file] [pdf file]
    Homework4 due Monday 5/22/17@11:59pm solution tex zyBook activities in sections 3.9-3.13 Sunday 5/14/17@11:59pm zyBook Chapters 3
    7 Sequential Networks: Specification, analysis and implementation
    Lecture 9 [pptx file] [pdf file]
    Homework5 due Monday 6/5/17@11:59pm solution tex zyBook activities in sections 4.4-4.6 Sunday 5/21/17@11:59pm zyBook Chapters 4
    8 Sequential Networks: Timing
    Lecture 10 [pptx file] [pdf file]
    zyBook activities in sections 6.1-6.7 Sunday 5/28/17@11:59pm zyBook Chapters 6
    Standard Combinational Modules: Decoders and Encoders
    Lecture 11 [pptx file] [pdf file]
    9 Standard Combinational Modules: Multiplexers and Demultiplexers
    Lecture 12 [pptx file] [pdf file]
    [Midterm 2 Review pptx] zyBook activities in sections 7.1-7.6 Sunday 6/4/17@11:59pm zyBook Chapters 7
    System Designs: Introduction and Implementation
    Lecture 13 [pptx file] [pdf file]
    For midterm 2 exam, practice midterm 2 (F14, W16) after the first two questions and midterm 3 (F14, W16).
    [Midterm 3 Exam, Fall 2014] [Midterm 3 Solution, Fall 2014] [Midterm 3 Exam, Winter 2016] [Midterm 3 Solution, Winter 2016]
    10 System Designs: Implementation
    Lecture 14 [pptx file] [pdf file]
    [Midterm 2 Solution, Spring 2017] No new zyBook activities for the rest of quarter
    Final Exam [pdf file] and a reference paper on retiming, [pdf file].