CSE 291 : Spring 2015 : Data Center Networking


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Lecture # Date Discussion leader Topics Notes Readings
1 Tue 03/31 Porter Introduction, course overview, and data center overview
2 Thu 04/02 Porter Data center overview (con't); Scale-out networking in the data center
Part 1: Topologies
3 Tue 04/07 Porter A Scalable, Commodity Data Center Network Architecture, PortLand: A Scalable Fault-Tolerant Layer 2 Data Center Network Fabric
Submit your reviews to http://vm140.sysnet.ucsd.edu/cse291-b/hotcrp/. sigcomm08-fattree, sigcomm09-portland
4 Thu 04/09 Porter Jellyfish: Networking Data Centers Randomly
Part 2: Measurements
5 Tue 04/14 Porter Network Traffic Characteristics of Data Centers in the Wild, The Nature of Datacenter Traffic: Measurements & Analysis
imc10-benson, imc09-kandula
Part 3: Transport and low-latency
6 Thu 04/16 Lew Improving Datacenter Performance and Robustness with Multipath TCP
Project topics due sigcomm11-mptcp
7 Tue 04/21 Srinivasasubramanian Efficient Coflow Scheduling with Varys
Thu 04/23 Porter Sigcomm PC meeting
No class; project proposals due
8 Tue 04/28 Mahmood pFabric: Minimal Near-optimal Datacenter Transport
9 Thu 04/30 Kushwaha Deadline-Aware Datacenter TCP (D2TCP)
Tue 05/05 Porter NSF meeting
No class
10 Thu 05/07 Bang Duet: Cloud Scale Load Balancing with Hardware and Software
Part 4: Control and data plane
11 Tue 05/12 Prudhomme The Road to SDN: An Intellectual History of Programmable Networks
12 Thu 05/14 Wu Software Dataplane Verification
Part 5: Circuit switching
13 Tue 05/19 Bhalerao Helios: A Hybrid Electrical/Optical Switch Architecture for Modular Data Centers
14 Thu 05/21 Anandakrishnan Augmenting Data Center Networks with Multi-Gigabit Wireless Links
Part 6: Bufferless and rack-scale interconnects
15 Tue 05/26 Gydesen Fastpass: A Centralized "Zero-queue" Datacenter Network
16 Thu 05/28 Hingolikar,Korgaonkar Rethinking the Network Stack for Rack-scale Computers, Firebox: A Hardware Building Block for the 2020 WSC (slides)
rack-scale, firebox
Part 7: Inter-data center
17 Tue 06/02 Parekh B4: experience with a globally-deployed software defined wan
Part 8: Conclusion
18 Thu 06/11 Porter Final project presentations (8am -- 11am)
WLH 2111

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