All office hours are in the CSE Building, EBU3B.

Position Name Email Office Hours
Instructor Mihir Bellare mihir at eng dot ucsd dot edu M 11:00-12:00 in Room 4244
TA Igors Stepanovs istepano at eng dot ucsd dot edu Tu 5:00-6:00 in Room 4217

Course Information and Affirmation

Please carefully read the course information document. Once you have read it, sign this affirmation and turn it in by the indicated due date. Late affirmations are not accepted, and lack of an affirmation turned in by the due date leads to an automatic F in the class.


We have a piazza for this class. Being on it is mandatory since updates and announcements will be posted here. If you drop the class, please get off the Piazza.


Here you can find your scores and course statistics. Your secret numbers will be e-mailed to you individually.