Zhen Zhai

I am a Computer Science master student at University of California, San Diego.
My research focuses mainly on machine learning and data mining. I am currently working under the guidance of Professor Sanjoy Dasgupta and Professor Yoav Freund.


Graduated from UCSD!

Finished my master thesis: Fast Tree Based Nearest Neighbor Search. Graduated with M.S. in Computer Science. Many thanks to my thesis committee members Professor Yoav Freund, Professor Ramamohan Paturi, and my advisor Professor Sanjoy Dasgupta.

Spring 2017

Open edX Conference 2017

Talk proposal of the statistical result of adaptive hint is accepted by Open edX conference 2017.

Spring 2017

UCSD CSE103 Open edX

Adopted Open edX to build a homework system for an undergraduate class here at UCSD. The system allows students to do homework online and get real-time feedback.

Fall 2016

Talk at Open edX Conference 2016

Gave a lightning talk on the 2016 Open edX conference.

Open edX Conference 2016

The adaptive hint talk proposal is accepted by Open edX conference 2016.

Spring 2016

Recent Work

Fast Nearest Neighbor Search

Explore tree structures to improve performance of NN search.

Educational Data Mining

Build Open edX for UCSD CSE courses. Implement adaptive hints on the top of the online homework system. Explore the effectiveness of adaptive hints by analyzing student homework data.


CSE103: Probability and Statistics

Teaching Assistant

Fall 2015, Fall 2016

CSE150: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Probabilistic Reasoning and Decision Making

Teaching Assistant

Summer 2016

CSE20: Discrete Math for Computer Science

Teaching Assistant

Spring 2016

CSE190: Discrete and Continuous Optimization

Teaching Assistant

Winter 2016

CSE101: Algorithm


Spring 2014

CSE150: Probability Reasoning and Decision Making


Winter 2014

CSE103: Probability and Statistics


Fall 2013, Fall 2014


University of California, San Diego

Master in Computer Science

2015 - present

University of California, San Diego

B.S. in Computer Science

2012 - 2015