CS165A (Spring 2022) Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Syllabus [ link ]

Instructor: Prof. Yu-Xiang Wang

TA: Dan Qiao

Lecture: Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-1:45 pm Location: BUCHN 1940

Recitation: Friday 1:00-1:50 pm Location: PHELPS 1444

Piazza: https://piazza.com/ucsb/spring2022/cs165a/home
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Gradescope: https://www.gradescope.com/courses/381247
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Office hours: Instructor: 2 - 3 pm Thursday at Henley Hall 2013
TA: Dan Qiao, Office Hour: 2 - 3 pm Wednesday near Henley Hall 2118 .

Course evaluation: 15% each for the three Coding Projects, 25% Midterm, 30% Final.

Textbook: Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Pearson, Fourth Edition, 2020

Other reference books:

Course Schedule

Tues and ThursLecturesReading materialsProjectOptional HWFridaysRecitation
129-MarIntro and course overview: Intelligent agents [Slides]AIMA Ch.1, AIMA Ch. 2 HW0 Foundations [pdf,data]  
231-MarMachine Learning I [Slides, Annotated]AIMA Ch. 19, D2L Ch. 1  1-AprHW0 Discussion [Notes, Juypter notebook]
35-AprMachine Learning II [Slides, Annotated] AIMA Ch. 19, D2L Ch. 1Project 1 Out [StartupKit]   
47-AprMachine Learning III [Slides, Annotated] D2L Ch. 3, CH. 4, CH. 11 HW1 Machine Learning [pdf]8-AprProject help: Linear Logistic Regression [Notes, autograd example, vectorization]
512-AprProbabilistic Graphical models I [Slides, Annotated]AIMA Ch. 12.1-12.6    
614-AprProbabilistic Graphical models II [Slides, Annotated]AIMA Ch. 13.1-13.3, Jordan PGM Ch. 2.1  15-AprHW1 Discussion [Notes]
719-AprSearch: Solving Problems with Search [Slides, Annotated] AIMA Ch. 3.1-3.4 HW2 PGM and Search [pdf]  
821-AprSearch: Search algorithms [Slides, Annotated] AIMA Ch. 3.4-3.6Project 1 Due / Project 2 Out 22-AprProject help: implementing search algorithms
926-AprSearch: Games and Adversarial Search [Slides, Annotated]AIMA Ch. 5.1-5.4    
1028-AprMidterm Review [Slides, Annotated]   29-AprHW2 Discussion / Midterm Q&A
113-MayMidterm  HW3 Search and MDP [pdf]  
125-MayRL: Introduction + Markov Decision Processes [Slides, Annotated]Sutton and Barto: Ch 1, AIMA: Ch 17.1, 17.2  6-MayUnderstanding Markov Decision Processes
1310-MayRL:Markov Decision Processes [Slides, Annotated]AIMA: Ch 17.1, 17.2, 17.3. Sutton and Barto: Ch 3    
1412-MayRL:Bandits problems and Exploration [Slides, Annotated]Sutton and Barto: CH 2, AIMA Ch 22.4Project 2 Due / Project 3 Out 13-MayHW3 Discussion
1517-MayRL:Reinforcement Learning algorithms I [Slides, Annotated]AIMA Ch 22.1-22.3, Sutton and Barto: Ch 5-6 HW4 RL and Logic [pdf]   
1619-MayRL:Reinforcement Learning algorithms II [Slides, Annotated]AIMA Ch 22.4, Sutton and Barto: Ch 9.1-9.4, Ch 13.1-13.3  20-MayProject help: Implementing RL algorithms
1724-MayLogic I: Logic intro & Propositional logic [Slides]AIMA Ch 7, Ch 8    
1826-MayLogic II: First order Logic [Slides, Annotated]AIMA Ch 8, Ch. 9.1  27-MayHW4 Discussion
1931-MayResponsible AI: Challenges in Privacy, Fairness and Safety [Slides, Annotated]AIMA Ch 1.5, AIMA Ch 27.3, Ch 28    
202-JunFinal Review [Slides, Annotated] Project 3 Due  3-JunQ&A before the final
216-JunFinal Exam