Bill and Paul's Excellent UCSD Benchmarks for Java (version 1.1)

Read this page in Romanian (courtesy of azoft) Note: We have just updated our benchmarks to version 1.1, which corrects a problem with synchronizing threads. The code is still 1.0 compatible. Two deprecated methods are called. See the benchmark source for details.

There is now a host of Java compilers and interpreters, and we need a way of telling which compilers produce better code, and which interpreters execute them faster. To meet this need, we have produced a small set of simple benchmarks written in Java. These were inspired by Jon Bentley's books Programming Pearls and Writing Efficient Programs.

Using These Benchmarks

There are three ways that you can use this page to perform Java benchmarking, run the benchmarks as an applet (if your browser supports java), download the benchmarks yourself, or look at some results we've gathered:

Benchmark-Related Links

Caveats and Details

Authorship and Contacts

These benchmarks were authored by Bill Griswold () and Paul Phillips. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us!