William G. Griswold
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
University of California, San Diego
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CitiSense/MetaSense - Adaptive Services for Community-Driven Behavioral and Environmental Monitoring (archive)

UCSD ActiveCampus (archive)

WIISARD SAGE - Scalable Wireless Internet Information System for Response in Disasters.
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Ubiquitous Presenter - Classroom Technology for Participatory Learning.

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I'm fascinated by the challenges of constructing large, complex software systems – software engineering. I'm especially interested in the evolution (e.g., enhancement) of large software systems, which is driven by unpredictable market forces, including the creative spark of innovation and the user's appetite for leading-edge functionality.

My research in this area largely comprises two topics, infrastructure for ubiquitous computing and the invention of new programming tools, most recently in the area of aspect-oriented software development. The latter is often aided the application of leading-edge compiler technology. My ubicomp work can be found at activecampus.ucsd.edu. I also have an active educational technology program supported by my ubicomp and SE work. Check out the UCSD Software Evolution Lab's page for my projects on tool-assisted program restructuring, visualization of latent program structure, software architecture for evolving systems, and whole-program analysis techniques for program understanding and restructuring.

"The will to succeed is nothing without the will to prepare."
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"Leap and the net will appear." -- John Burroughs

"Life is an experiment, not a test."

"Chance favors the prepared mind." -- Louis Pasteur

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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them." -- Albert Einstein

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