In order to use our visual automatic feedback and grading systems, you will need to sign up for the CSE 168 course on UCSD Online. UCSD Online is UCSD's site for offering of online courses, comparable to edX and Coursera (we also have an edX edge version running as a backup, if there are problems with UCSD online, please post on Piazza or ask me for access). This quarter, we are trying a new experiment, of having you directly use the public UCSD Online course for the feedback system, along with the public MOOC students. This makes it easier to maintain up to date a single unified site. It is important to note however, that you will be using that site only for the assignment descriptions and feedback systems (although videos and other material are also useful), the actual scores will be assigned by our TAs eventually, due dates are as per this course, most discussions will likely happen on Piazza although we will monitor the Online forums too, and there are other important differences, which are spelled out on UCSD online for UCSD students. In addition, the primary course website will be this one and Canvas, not UCSD online.

To proceed further, please navigate to the CSE 168 course on UCSD online. For convenience, the direct link is here. Please enroll in the course (you can sign in using UCSD single sign-on or make yourself a new account, if you have not already registered with UCSD online). You only need to sign up for the free audit track, there is no need to upgrade to a verified certificate, and you will have full access. Most assignments are on the UCSD online site. Please consult it for the homeworks, except the final project, which is posted here. Please note that the due dates for homeworks are posted on the Schedule; ignore any due dates on UCSD online, which is largely run on a self-paced basis.

Finally, while making a website is optional in most cases except for the final project, we will give extra credit where warranted, and this may require a website with images (but please, no code). In this case, please include a link to the website in your Canvas submission.

Assignment Submission

There are two parts to assignment submission: The UCSD online process (for those assignments hosted on UCSD online), and the official CSE 168 submission. The UCSD online site hosts the homework instructions for most assignments, as well as automatic visual feedback systems for submitting images.

For submitting the assignment, first submit your images to the relevant UCSD online graders. You may do so as many times as you want, using the feedback from the system to improve your submission. Please be aware that an honor code applies here. You may submit only images that you yourself have written for the assignment. You may definitely not attempt to submit any malicious code or deliberately try to attack the graders in any way, or make any other effort to circumvent the normal functioning of the graders. We will be logging all submissions and will take action on any violations of this honor code policy. Once you submit images, please note down the link to the (full-resolution) grader feedback report (you need only keep the latest such feedback report). You will need this URL for the official CSE 168 submission below. Please allow ample time for this process given the time for the grader to return feedback, any grader crashes at the last minute, and of course the time to actually render the images etc. Please also note that the scores in UCSD online are only dummy variables; we will assign scores and grades separately for CSE 168 based on fairness, late penalties, inspecting your code and possibly running additional tests. If you do feel the UCSD online score is particularly inappropriate/unfair, please note as much in your in-class submission so we make sure to take a careful look.

To complete the submission, please submit the following via Canvas. Specific instructions are also posted on the Canvas site. (Only) if Canvas submission fails for some reason, please e-mail this information to the TAs. The relevant information is as follows:
(1) your name (and your partner's name if working in a group of two), (2) Your UCSD online username and e-mail used, (3) The image-grader URL for full-res images on edX, (4) A zip of your entire source code directory (please include a README with platform and any specific compilation instructions; you may include executables etc. in this directory), (5) A link to a URL of a website showing images (but no code please). This is optional in most cases, but is important if you want to claim extra credit; and (6) Any special comments, issues or points in grading or generally about the assignment you want to convey. Please also include the last two items in the README file. Please make sure to include all of the above information; we may penalize you points if some parts are omitted. The specific pieces of information and components to upload are specified for each assignment on Canvas. Please allow ample time for this; your timestamp on the submission (or e-mail if Canvas submission does not work) may determine whether or not we accept the assignment as being on time. If you anticipate your entire source code directory is too large to be submitted, please work with the TAs beforehand to develop a solution, such as using a private google drive link. On no account should you post your source code publicly, including public github repos. Please note that both partners must separately submit on Canvas, but will of course include a link to the same feedback, URLs etc. If you are working in a group of two, please include your partner's name in your submission. Finally, we will try to release rubrics for the assignment beforehand, but feel free to post on Piazza or ask us if there are any issues.