The (tentative) course schedule is as follows. Please note that all the lectures are posted immediately, although we may of course make modifications later.

Week Date Topic PPT PDF YouTube
Week 1 Mar31 Introduction, Basic Raytracing     (Handout: Whitted paper    Haines chapter) PPT PDF YouTube
Apr 2 More Raytracing, Acceleration Structures     (Handout: Hanrahan,   Shirley chapters) PPT PDF YouTube
Week 2 Apr 7 Illumination and Reflection     (Handout: Cohen chapter  Bala chapter PPT PDF YouTube
Apr 9 Global Illumination and Rendering Equation     (Handout: Kajiya paper) PPT PDF YouTube
Apr 13 Assignment 1 Due April 13 Monday, 11:59 PM
Week 3 Apr 14 Monte Carlo Integration   (Handout: Veach Thesis (Ch 2),    Old Stanford Course (part 2) PPT PDF YouTube
Apr 16 Details for Direct Lighting, Specularities PPT PDF YouTube
Week 4 Apr 21 Monte Carlo Path Tracing, Global Illumination  (Handout: Old Siggraph Course Notes,  Cook 84,  Kajiya 86) PPT PDF YouTube
Apr 23 Details for Indirect Lighting PPT PDF YouTube
Apr 24 Assignment 2 Due April 24 Thursday, 11:59 PM
Week 5 Apr 28 (Multiple) Importance Sampling PPT PDF YouTube
Apr 30 BRDFs   (Handout: BRDFs,  Torrance-Sparrow,  Cook-Torrance   Oren-Nayar  Lawrence  Walter) PPT PDF YouTube
Week 6 May 5 Sampling and Antialiasing   (Handouts: FVDFH,  Cook86  MC Visibility) PPT PDF
May 7 Advances in High Quality Rendering PPT PDF
May 7 Assignment 3 Due May 7 Thursday, 11:59 PM
Week 7 May12 Monte Carlo Denoising PPT PDF
May14 Environment and Texture Maps      (Handouts: Debevec: History  Light Probes  PBRT Sampling  SIS Paper) PPT PDF
May15 Assignment 4 Due May 18 Monday, 11:59 PM
Week 8 May19 Volumetric Rendering PPT PDF
May21 Precomputed Rendering     (Handouts: Sloan 02  Ng 03  Ng 04  PRT Survey) PPT PDF
Week 9 May26 Image-Based Rendering and Light Fields (Handout: SIGGRAPH 00 Course Notes) PPT PDF
May27 Project proposals with milestone Due May 27 Wednesday, 11:59 PM
May28 Real-Time Rendering 1    (Handouts: Heidrich  Cabral  Shadow Mapping) PPT PDF
Week 10 Jun 2 Real-Time Rendering 2 PPT PDF
Jun 4 Appearance Modeling and Rendering
Finals Week Jun 9 Final projects due June 9 Tuesday, 11:59 PM