target initialization optimized result initial absolute difference optimized absolute difference optimization process (video, click to play) description
Optimize three vertices of a single triangle
Optimize six vertices of two triangles (note that one vertex is occluded but still we optimized it correctly).
Optimize three vertices of a triangle where one of the vertices is far behind the camera
Optimize four vertices of the blocker casting shadow
Optimize translation of light source
Optimize 4 vertices of a shadow receiver
Optimize camera position
Optimize 4 vertices of plane with texture
Optimize camera position, diffuse/specular reflectances, and roughness of the teapot.
Optimize 4 vertices of the occluder. The floor is highly glossy.
Optimize the translation of the plane behind camera with SIGGRAPH logo texture. The teapot is highly glossy. We disable caustics light paths (LS*DE) for this scene for managable rendering time.
Optimize translation and rotation of the bunny. For this scene we used a Gaussian pyramid L2 loss.
Optimize camera position and direction. For this scene we used a Gaussian pyramid L2 loss.