Abstract for Collins, Tullsen, "Hardware Identification of Cache Conflict Misses"

This paper describes the Miss Classification Table, a simple mechanism that enables the processor or memory controller
to identify each cache miss as either a conflict miss or a capacity (non-conflict) miss.  The miss classification table works by storing part of the tag of the most recently evicted line of a cache set.  If the next miss to that cache set has a matching tag, it is identified as a conflict miss.  This technique correctly identifies 87\% of misses in the worst case.

Several applications of this information are demonstrated, including improvements to victim caching, next-line prefetching, cache exclusion, and a pseudo-associative cache.  This paper also presents the Adaptive Miss Buffer (AMB), which combines several of these techniques, targeting each miss with the most appropriate
optimization, all within a single small miss buffer.  The AMB's combination of techniques achieves 16% better
performance than any single technique alone.