Data Center Total Cost of Ownership Models

These models were developed by Vasileios Kontorinis, with useful assistance from B.Aksanli, J.Sampson, T.Rosing and D.Tullsen
We extend APC's TCO analysis from and the models from chapter 6 of "The Datacenter as a Computer: An Introduction to the Design of Warehouse-Scale Machines"

The code is provided "as is", under FreeBSD license, with no promise of support whatsoever.

When using the model to produce published research, please cite it with:

"Managing Distributed UPS Energy for Effective Power Capping in Data Centers",
Vasileios Kontorinis, Liuyi Zhang, Baris Aksanli, Jack Sampson, Houman Homayoun, Eddie Pettis, Dean Tullsen, and Tajana Rosing,
In the International Symposium on Computer Architecture, ISCA 2012.

Compatibility: Tested on Microsoft Office 2007,2010 (Windows), 2011(Mac).

Version: 1.0
When you do use or acquire the models, please send an email to bkontorinis(a), so that we can keep track of who has it.
Also, bug reports -- especially with fixes -- are more than welcome.

Here it is:  TCOanalysisOversubscription.xlsx

This work has been funded by
Google, MuSyc, NSF grants EEC-0812072, OCI-0962997, CNS-0821155, CCF-1018356, SRC Grant 2086.001, Microsoft, Ericsson, and Cisco.