Maki Sugimoto

5930 Cornerstone Court West
San Diego, CA, 92121

Job Objective Full-time employment developing applications of machine learning techniques.
Education M.S. in Computer Science, University of California, San Diego, December 2000
B. Eng., University of Tokyo, March 1998
Skills Working knowledge of C, awk, Java, C++, UNIX shell scripts, Perl, SAS, Matlab. Familiarity with Perl CGI scripts, LISP, ML, Prolog, Pascal, Mathematica, Tcl, FORTRAN.
Platforms: UNIX, Windows
Work Experience Associate Staff Scientist, HNC Software Inc. (February 2001 - )
Modeler for the product Falcon, a credit card fraud detection software utilizing neural networks.
Research Assistant, University of California, San Diego (August - September 1999, June - September 2000)
Linear discriminant analysis (LDA) and neural network simulations of classification tasks requiring visual expertise under advisement by Professor Garrison W. Cottrell.
Teaching Assistant, University of California, San Diego (September 1999 - June 2000) 
Programming Languages: Principles and Paradigms (Fall 1999, Spring 2000), Programming Languages for Artificial Intelligence (Winter 2000).
Responsible for leading discussion sections, supervising undergraduate teaching staff, designing and grading assignment projects, etc. for classes of up to 120 students.
Software Engineer, Meiryo Electronics, Tokyo, Japan (March - July 1997)
Developed a Java applet and a Tcl plugin module that decoded and displayed road maps stored in binary format utilizing 2D graphic packages.
Relevant Courseworks / Projects Computational Biology, Information Retrieval (developed Perl CGI's that indexed texts in sequential matching search results returned from biological databases)
Quantitative Methods in Psychology (exploratory data analysis, statistical significance testing methods)
Research Visual Expertise Is a General Skill, M.S. thesis.
Aiduchi wo sasou inritsu jouhou no jikken ni yoru hyouka (An Experimental Method for Measuring whether People Respond to Low Pitch as a Cue for Back-Channel Feedback), B.Eng. thesis.
Language English (fluent), Japanese (native)