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MetaPost Editor and Previewer (MEPer)

MEPer is a java program for editing MetaPost source file and previewing the output. To start the program, use

java -jar MEPer.jar

The following tools are needed to run MEPer:
  • the latest release of the Sun Java SE platform.
  • MetaPost.
  • ImageMagick, or ghostscript.
This program is supposed to work in both Windows and Linux. However, I have not yet fully tested the program. Please send any comments or suggestions to Shengjun (Alan) Pan at s1pan@ucsd.edu.


MEPer v1.0:  MEPer.jar (main program),  MEPerSrc.zip (source files),  README.txt (help file).




* The redo/undo actions are not well implemented.
* Only the first image will be previewed.
* Other problems (this is a first version...).