The Purple Pomegranate

The Purple Pomegranate is a cider-house (pub/cabaret), located in the Docks area near the Lakeview lift. It has a history dating back to the Age of Rationality in one way or another. However, it has only recently become known as a center of Phoenix Faction intellectual life under its new owner, Chesterfield Hazelton. In addition to Phoenix Faction politics, it is known for an eclectic variety of entertainment: talented Aerad dancers, an enthusiastic house band, sophisticated special effects (with an in-house somna projector that covers both stage and audience), and occasional avant garde or high brow artistic evenings. The high point of the season has been the performance of the Bama Acrobatic Troupe during the annual visit of Lord Ben, Regent of Bama. Despite a close call with tragedy, the evening was a complete success, winning approval from VIP's such as the heiress to the Phoenix Feather.

The Dock area is outside the walls of the city, and so not in the main somna field. Therefore, rowdier behavior is tolerated, since it won't corrupt the morale of the city or disturb the Eldest Makoo. The atmosphere in the Pomegranate is uninhibited, but there is an attempt to maintain a respectable face: Mokoo visitors are always welcomed and greeted with relaxing root-baths. It attracts a diverse crowd, ranging from Dean Tolerance, who enjoys avant garde art and cultural events, to the mysterious rebel called the Bachelor.

PC's are expected to be regulars at the Purple Pomegranate. There are many reasons why your character might enjoy unwinding here: an interest in politics, an interest in art, a place to meet adventerous contacts and get gossip, the intoxicating Aerad dancers and distilled beverages, or just as a convenient place for Lakeview residents to socialize. As regulars, they will have at least a nodding acquantance with the employees and other regulars. This gives your character some grounding in the game world, and a pre-game relationship with the other PC's.

Employees of the Purple Pomegranate

  1. Chesterfield Hazelton: Varagh. Owner of the Purple Pomegranate, as well as the Phoenix faction newsweekly "Out of the Ashes" and a successful Lakeview Heights accounting firm whose profits make up for his other endeavors' losses. He likes to play the radical, but is really the cautious accountant at heart. That maybe why "Out of the Ashes" has survived when many other Phoenix faction newspapers have been censored. He pays top money for stories but prints only a small fraction of what he buys. He has a laissez-faire attitude towards the Pomegranate, but likes to hang out there.
  2. Regatta Vancouver: Varagh. Bartender and Chesterfield's niece. Has a photographic memory, and knows everyone's name, face, favorite drink and saddest story. Laid back and apolitical. Serves drinks and food without seeming to move, and without a pause in conversation.
  3. Colby, Debby and their kids: The Pomegranate's Darbies-in-Residence. Colby affects to disapprove of the scandalous goings-on at the Pomegranate, but does so with a salacious expression of enjoyment. He is very loyal to his friends. Debby is honorary mother to all the regulars and dancers. She is apt to play favorites for the current prima donna. Loves to find errands to do backstage.

    Arby,Baby, and Cubby are their older children. Full of energy, they are constantly doing small tasks and bringing trays of food and drink all over the Pomegranate. The younger kids Gobi, Hoby and Robby are also all over the Pomegranate, but are playing games and pranks rather than working.

  4. Matron Tweechy: Aerad. Director of choreography. Sophisticated and worldly, she likes to run the dancer's lives for them. She is protective but patronizing towards her dancers. She can be vindictive if crossed. Although no one knows for sure if she has magical talents, the dancers swear she is a sensitive and a diviner, by the way she knows everything they think or do.
  5. Director Zzazza: (nickname: Zza) Aerad. Technical director. Conjurer. Does special effects for dance performances. A bit of a perfectionist. She prevented catastrophe during the Bama Acrobats' performance by discovering a magically concealed assassin. Has a pet wiener dog Misty. (PC:Beth)
  6. Chilich: Aerad. Dancer. Naive, innocently vain up-and-coming superstar. In a year or two, the Pomegranate will just be a stepping stone to greater fame. If she survives, which is doubtful given her foolish stunts and the other dancers' jealousy.
  7. Zelda: Aerad. Dancer. Current prima donna. Intensely jealous of Chilich. Temperamental.
  8. Meup, Brigit, and Cricket: Aerads. Back-up dancers. Also work as hostesses when there's no show.
  9. The Howlers: A musically-oriented gorilla pack that claim the Pomegranate as their turf. They are the house band, and do heavy lifting jobs. They also have outside business interests.