Response to first move

Without stopping for lemonade or conversation, Kara leaves the boarding-house. Even the early morning sun is ferocious, and the wind is blowing dust everywhere. Kara hides her muzzle in her scarf like the other few pedestrians on the town's main street, hurrying from building to building. This is nasty weather for sniffing out a trail. She enters the tavern where she saw Tricksash last. The owner, Pete Hospitaller, is talking to his only morning customer, a Varagh, one of the carrouser's Kara saw with Tricksash last night. The Varagh is munching on a plate of cold sausages as they talk.

``... soon? " she overhears Pete saying.
``Back so soon? But I come here every three months like clockwork, Pete."
``I mean, since this morning? Did your wagon break down? "
``Are you delusional? I was here til 3 AM. I' assure you, I was in no mood for early morning joyrides."
``Well, I know what I saw: you in your wagon heading south. There's no mistaking that tinker's van of yours, nor that son-of-a-bachelor one-eyed mule neither."