Main Character List for Hero-Cities Campaign

This is meant to be a reference to keep track of characters the players have encountered (esp. for GM!). Copies will be available at each game; you definitely aren't expected to memorize this. Main player characters (in order of appearance)
  1. Elros, (Valentine), part-Janni elven sorceror, Isthar cult
  2. Faenor, (David), human druid/wizard, Caerfallin cult
  3. Zelan, (Ted), elven ranger, Ellander cult
  4. Calyps (Elias), human cleric, Sophia cult, Harantempe temple
  5. Kithzin (Jai), githzerai monk
  6. Eille (Morgan), hobbit rogue/bard, Tomkins cult
  7. Wind (Jai), part-Janni elven sorceror, Isthar cult
  8. Tesla (Tom), dwarven rogue, Hikitami cult
Guest player characters:
  1. Bell (Josh), human paladin
  2. Cult and class: Raq, paladin (2)
  3. Michendon ( Dave), human fighter, Hillesa cult
  4. Dendrium (Leeann), doppleganger
  5. Zethis (Mike), githzerai monk
  6. Shadow (Zeke), human rogue, cult of Tomkins
  7. Sal (Rosemary), human fighter, Hillesa cult
  8. Link (Kuan), human paladin, Raq cult
  9. Nala (Alan), human druid, Enkidu cult
  10. Reubens (Jake), hobbit rogue, Tomkins cult
  11. Angelo (Tom), human paladin, Raq cult
    Associates : hirelings, partners, companions, familiars
  1. Tula, Elros's cat familiar
  2. Mag, Faenor's riding dog animal companion
  3. Wyst, Faenor's sea eagle familiar
  4. Coneri, Faenor's dire wolf animal companion
  5. Ping, Bing, Spring, Wring: Zelan's animal companions
  6. Ferdinand, Eille's riding dog, later awakened.
  7. Jenser, Wind's air imp familiar
  8. Pietro the fisherman, loyal boatkeeper
  9. Lesiam the navigator, captain of the Goodberry
  10. Sir Rippick, explorer, client and later business partner
  11. Regos, enthusiastic fighter ``hireling''
  12. Sithar, unicorn comrade and client
    Other major NPCs
  • Amanda the paladin, commander of Terminus garrison
  • Ambrosis, elven ranger, partner of Rapsel
  • Prof. Arshan, bronze dragon, professor, Faculty of Tongues, Molosh University. Patron of the Pact Lands expedition.
  • Athama, rescued from Tyrol and the pirates
  • Azylla, the revivalist. Prof. Rolf's wife.
  • Bandero the satyr musician
  • Barens, Athama's brother, killed by Tyrol
  • Bigos, pseudo-dragon sorceror, negotiator on behalf of the Outcast
  • Capt. Blight, fiend, former captain of the Hellspawn
  • Capt. Bloodpaw, fiend, pirate, provided transport to Mechum's gang
  • Sgt. Borcal, the Vermillion Guard's first recruit
  • Chuamavar, dark elf sorceror, Nadolan's agent
  • Coogan, Athama's father, a wizard who possessed magical scarabs of interest to Admiral Basilisk
  • Cormatis, merchant, smuggler and later pirate
  • Counsellors of Nasthula: The council consists of:
  • Dalith and Yossim, villagers, hired PC's to protect Vermillion village
  • Dineol, human wizard, Molosh cult. Breeder of strange hybrids. Party captured him before he could defect to Army of Nasthula.
  • Doren, human wizard, Molosh cult. Old adventurer. His daughter Lektrea began performing forbidden magic to extend his life, later adopting the role of Orden the Crone.
  • Dorfan. Human paladin. Was restored to health by party, and later became hostage to Hellspawn.
  • Elargo, Nadolan's butler, who was really a rakhasha.
  • Felga, Coogan's research partner. Rescued from pirates.
  • Fianna, human healer, cult of Beryl. Hired party to get phoenix berries for Dorfan and Illidriel's treatment.
  • Flaqua, sahaugin leader. Party helped him take over as warleader of his people, in return for peace treaty.
  • Prof. Frege, Faculty of Tongues, Molosh University.
  • Frost, Touch, Hawk, and Glare: pre-cult totemic shamans, that were made into wraith guardians for Roc's Nest.
  • Geris, inventor of sympathetic magic applications
  • Greta Grublebum, aka Grima the Peddler. Hobbit rogue/bard/avatar of Tomkins, master spy. Eille's aunt, who successfully infiltrated Army of Nasthula. Became responsible for an army of goblins after disasterous battle with Drakogorgon.
  • Hawtor , Half-orc accountant. Greta's best agent.
  • Hellspawn, demonship. Made deal with party in return for soul tokens.
  • The Ifrit. An evil fire being summoned to neutralize the previous Lillend. Kept on ice in the Winter Woods until freed by party.
  • Ilidriel. Elven Caerfallin cultist, cured of wasting disease by party.
  • Isenel , Caerfallin cultist, spymaster for the Wedge
  • Capt. Jaram, smuggler and later pirate. Briefly captain of the Hellspawn.
  • Jopulus, Yaga ogre cult, Greta's agent that betrayed her. Later discovered and executed by Captain Kavis.
  • Kashedran, barlilith demon, mind-controlled Eille, made deal with party to recover Nasthula's corpse and rod, was betrayed before she could betray them.
  • Captain Kavis, Yaga ogre, commander of Fort Nasthula.
  • Kerney, Armory Gang bandit, used Sekret Raynebow.
  • Khatharth, troglodyte high priest, surrendered to party.
  • Lektrea: Real name of Orden the Crone
  • Baron Levonner. Human wizard. Paramour of Silistar. Helped research light elementals, destroy Trollwatch.
  • The Lillend. A childlike being of immense power. The Army of Nasthula brought her to this plane under false pretenses, to study and use her tears.
  • Mechum , Yaga hag, led expedition to get formian crystal in Pact Lands for Army of Nasthula.
  • Mikel, hobbit apprentice herbalist. Went with party to Goat Island as phoenix berry expert.
  • Nadolan. Yaga hag. Army of Nasthula spy master, who used party to investigate her superiors. She eventually betrayed the Army, with the stated goal of forming her own nation.
  • Nasthula. A demon assassin employed by Yaga. The Army of Nasthula claimed to be led by Nasthula, but they used illusions to maintain the ruse.
  • Product Control Unit 32, formian liason with party
  • Pythiax, shaman whose soul was transferred to a stone head found by the party.
  • Rabigal. Yaga siren. Sent as negotiator. Killed by party, later raised by the Lillend, and became Lillend's keeper.
  • Rapsel. Human rogue, cult of Hikitami. Risk-taking adventurer. She infiltrated Armory Gang.
  • Rhionne, druid/ranger, Enkidu cult. Former guardian of Goat Island.
  • Prof. Rolf, necromancer with revivalist sympathies.
  • Silistar, half Janni, half elven sorceress, head of the cult of Isthar in the Wedge. Controversial Janni royalty.
  • The Widow. Lich who partnered with Orden to use the Lillend's tears. Wanted to preserve husband as energy source.
  • Yaga Thanatrix, the Death Witch. Shaman, betrayed the Convocation. Same Yaga as that of legend?