Class SpeechBalloon

  extended by TextBalloon
      extended by SpeechBalloon

public class SpeechBalloon
extends TextBalloon

SpeechBalloon: this is used to represent objects in comic strips which are used to show what a character is saying. The tip of tail points to the character who is talking

Barb Ericson

Constructor Summary
SpeechBalloon(Point uLeft, int theWidth, Point tEnd, String theMessage)
          Constructor that takes the upper left, width, tail end, and message to display
Method Summary
protected  void drawTail(int ellipseHeight, Color fillColor, Color outlineColor, Graphics2D g2)
          method to draw the tail of the balloon
static void main(String[] args)
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Constructor Detail


public SpeechBalloon(Point uLeft,
                     int theWidth,
                     Point tEnd,
                     String theMessage)
Constructor that takes the upper left, width, tail end, and message to display

uLeft - the upper left corner of a rectangle enclosing the balloon
theWidth - the width of the enclosing rectangle
tEnd - the point which is the end of the tail that shows who is speaking
theMessage - the message to display
Method Detail


protected void drawTail(int ellipseHeight,
                        Color fillColor,
                        Color outlineColor,
                        Graphics2D g2)
method to draw the tail of the balloon

Specified by:
drawTail in class TextBalloon
ellipseHeight - the height of the ellipse
fillColor - the color to bill the balloon with
outlineColor - the color to outline the balloon with
g2 - the 2d graphics context


public static void main(String[] args)