Useful Links

Unix Links

The Linux Documentation Project
O'Reilly's CD Bookshelf
    Check out The Unix CD Bookshelf (includes UNIX Power Tools, ...)
Linux Magazine
On-line Unix man pages
The Unix Time-Sharing System (Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson)
The Evolution of the Unix Time-sharing System (Dennis Ritchie)

USENIX and SAGE Organizations

USENIX (Advanced Computing Systems Association)
    Student Programs
SAGE (System Adminstrators Guild)

vi Editor Links

The vi Editor and its clones
vim Home Page
vim On-Line Help
vim Quick Reference

emacs Editor Links

GNU Emacs
Emacs Quick Reference
GNU Emacs Manual - (online reference)

SSH Links

SSH Shell & File Transfer client (for PC)
PuTTY Download Page
OpenSSH Project
Fugu File Transfer client (for Mac)

X Servers

Cygwin/Xfree86 (Windows)
XFree86 (Unix)
Hummingbird Exceed


CVS Notes
SVN Notes

Other Useful Links

Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing
The Jargon Lexicon explains uses of foo, foobar, etc.
Webopedia: Online Computer Dictionary for Internet Terms and Technical Support
Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problems
Stanford CS Education Library