CSE 70 Labs

Wednesdays 1-3pm

Lab 1
CSE 70 Preliminary Questionnaire
Lab 1 - Eclipse
Lab 2
Lab 2 - Version Control System (SVN) and Pair Programming
Version Control with Subversion on-line book
Lab 3
Java Servlets (wikipedia) and the 2nd External Link at the bottom of that page:
Beginning and intermediate servlet and JSP tutorials (Servlet info, in particular) - Read this before Lab on Wednesday!
Lab 3 - Using Tomcat web server and Servlets
Lab 4
SQL Basics SQL Intro thru SQL Delete and SQL Demo (Try It)
JDBC from Wikipedia
JDBC Basics Sections 31.3 and 31.4 from the PostgreSQL manual - Read these before Lab on Wednesday!
Lab 4 - Databases (PostgreSQL) and Accessing a Database through Servlets
Lab 5
Lab 5 - Servlets and SQL and JUnit, Oh My!
Lab 6
Lab 6 - More JUnit, and Build Automation (Ant)
Lab 7
Lab 7 - Expanding your Ant script and SVN post-commit hook
Lab 8
Lab 8 - Refactoring