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Bloodshed Dev-C++ Main Page
     Download Bloodshed Dev-C++
If the download link does not work, copy and paste the following URL into your browser:
Download Bloodshed Dev-C++

ACS (Academic Computing Services)
     WebDrive set up info and client download
     UCSD Web Proxy Server info

SSH Links and their free SSH Shell & File Transfer client (my favorite) Download
      For PCs, select SSHSecureShellClient-X.X.X.exe application.

Other Useful Links

Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing
The Jargon Lexicon explains uses of foo, foobar, etc.
Webopedia: Online Computer

Fun Stuff

How to Count to 1,023 on Your Fingers
String of balls
Industrious Digital Clock
Powers of Ten
Cool Illusion1
Cool Illusion2
ASCII Art Generator