Quiz 4 Review

Read Chapters 8 - 9.

Review Exercises at the end of Chapters 8 and 9.
Review the Class Notes for Functions, Arrays as Arguments to Functions, Global & Static Variables, Structures.

Global & Static Variables

Identify which parts of a program are:

Global Variables
External Static Variables
Internal Static Variables
Local Variables
(Formal) Parameters
Function Definitions

Specify the Scope/Visibility of each of the above.

Specify when and how often each of the above are initialized. Default initial values?

Identify the 5 areas of the C Runtime Environment and what parts of a C program are mapped to each of these areas.


Structure definitions and how structures differ from arrays

    struct Quiz4
       int a;
       float b;
       int c;

    struct Quiz4 q4;

Simple structure member access with the dot ( . ) operator

    float x = 4.20;
    int y;

    q4.a = 5;
    q4.b = x;
    q4.c = q4.a;
    y = q4.c + 10;

    printf( "a = %d\n", q4.a );
    printf( "b = %f\n", q4.b );
    printf( "c = %d\n", q4.c );
    printf( "y = %d\n", y );