Set up WebDrive

(One-time set up) Go to the ACS web page on setting up Web Drive. Go down to the section "From Windows XP" and the line that says "UCSD affiliates can download WebDrive for free from our ftp server:" and start from there. Web Drive is installed on the PCs in the labs. Students can also download the Web Drive application to their local desktop or laptop. If you are off campus, you have to use the UCSD Web Proxy Server in your browser to download Web Drive: Follow the steps on the ACS web page to set up a Web Drive connection to your cs5fXX account name on Click on the "Connect at login/startup" checkbox. And make sure the "Save Password" checkbox is checked. Then each time you log in, it will take a few seconds to connect, but your access to your cs5fXX account on will be set up. You should not need to perform this WebDrive set up in the lab again once you have completed this procedure.

Set up Bloodshed Dev-C++

(Initial configuration set up) Bloodshed Dev-C++ is installed on the PCs in the lab. You can download Dev C++ for free from the latest beta version executable. Easy links from the CSE 5A "Useful Links" page. In Dev C++, just make sure you save everything to dirs/files in your cs5f home on ieng9. The first time you run Dev-C++, it will ask you to do some default set ups. I recommend just doing everything it asks.

Testing everything

(with a dummy homework programming assignment) Make a new folder named HW0 in your WebDrive cs5fXX@ieng9 Home Directory. Open Bloodshed Dev-C++. Start -> All Programs -> Bloodshed Dev-C++ Create a new source file. File -> New -> Source File or Ctrl+N Save as a C source file named hw0 in the HW0 folder in your cs5fXX account on ieng9. File -> Save As ... Save in: WebDrive cs5f@ieng9 - Home Directory File name: hw0 Save as type: C source files (*.c) Type in the last program example from Notes #1 from class. Save your program changes. File -> Save or Ctrl+S Compiler & Run. (Execute -> Compile & Run) or [F9] or 3rd icon from left second row of icons. Debug as necessary. To ensure all C source files will automatically open in Bloodshed Dev-C++ (which is what we want): Right-Click on the hw0.c file icon Select Open With Choose Program ... Click the Browse... button In the Look in: section, select Local Disk (C:) Dev-Cpp/devcpp.exe Check the box Always use the selected program to open this kind of file Click the OK button Once you get used to doing the Dev-C++ Save to WebDrive cs5fXX @ ieng9 thing the first couple times, it should be no problem.