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Using SPARC Architecture vs. ARM

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You are responsible for all the material covered in class and the reading assignments for the various Quizzes and Exams, not just what may have been on a previous Quiz or Exam. By providing previous tests, it helps you see the kinds of questions I ask, helps you study for the tests, and helps force me to ask different questions when I can.


Sample Exercises for Quiz 1 and their Solutions (These will be the only Solutions given)
Previous Quiz1s (PDF) Quiz 1-wi14 Quiz 1-fa13 Quiz 1-wi13 Quiz 1-fa12 Quiz 1-sp12 Quiz 1-wi12 Quiz 1-sp10 Quiz 1-sp09 Quiz 1-wi09 Quiz 1-fa08 Quiz 1-sp08 Quiz 1-wi08 Quiz 1-fa07 Quiz 1-sp07 Quiz 1-wi07 Quiz 1-fa06 Quiz 1-sp06 Quiz 1-wi06 Quiz 1-fa05 Quiz 1-sp05 Quiz 1-wi05 Quiz 1-fa04 Quiz 1-sp04 Quiz 1-wi04 Quiz 1-fa03 Quiz 1-sp03 Quiz 1-wi03 Quiz 1-fa02 Quiz 1-sp02 Quiz 1-wi02 Quiz 1-fa01 Quiz 1-su01 Quiz 1-sp01 Quiz 1-wi01 Quiz 1-fa00 Quiz 1-su00
Quiz 1 worth 2% of entire grade


Sample Exercises for Quiz 2
Previous Quiz2s (PDF) Quiz 2-wi14 Quiz 2-fa13 Quiz 2-wi13 Quiz 2-fa12 Quiz 2-sp12 Quiz 2-wi12 Quiz 2-sp10 Quiz 2-sp09 Quiz 2-wi09 Quiz 2-fa08 Quiz 2-sp08 Quiz 2-wi08 Quiz 2-fa07 Quiz 2-sp07 Quiz 2-wi07 Quiz 2-fa06 Quiz 2-sp06 Quiz 2-wi06 Quiz 2-fa05 Quiz 2-sp05 Quiz 2-wi05 Quiz 2-fa04 Quiz 2-sp04 Quiz 2-wi04 Quiz 2-fa03 Quiz 2-sp03 Quiz 2-wi03 Quiz 2-fa02 Quiz 2-sp02 Quiz 2-wi02 Quiz 2-fa01 Quiz 2-su01 Quiz 2-sp01 Quiz 2-wi01 Quiz 2-fa00 Quiz 2-su00
Quiz 2 worth 2% of entire grade


Sample Exercises for Quiz 3
Previous Quiz3s (PDF) Quiz 3-wi14 Quiz 3-fa13 Quiz 3-wi13 Quiz 3-fa12 Quiz 3-sp12 Quiz 3-wi12 Quiz 3-sp10 Quiz 3-sp09 Quiz 3-wi09 Quiz 3-fa08 Quiz 3-sp08 Quiz 3-wi08 No_Quiz_3-fa07 Quiz 3-sp07 Quiz 3-wi07 Quiz 3-fa06 Quiz 3-sp06 Quiz 3-wi06 Quiz 3-fa05 Quiz 3-sp05 Quiz 3-wi05 Quiz 3-fa04 Quiz 3-sp04 Quiz 3-wi04 Quiz 3-fa03 Quiz 3-sp03 Quiz 3-wi03 Quiz 3-fa02 Quiz 3-sp02 Quiz 3-wi02 Quiz 3-fa01 Quiz 3-sp01 Quiz 3-wi01 Quiz 3-fa00 Quiz 3-sp00
Quiz 3 worth 2% of entire grade

Midterm [single sheet of paper - one side hand-written; BRING ID]

Midterm Review
Previous Midterms (PDF) Midterm-wi14 Midterm-fa13 Midterm-wi13 Midterm-fa12 Midterm-sp12 Midterm-wi12 Midterm-sp10 Midterm-sp09 Midterm-wi09 Midterm-fa08 Midterm-sp08 Midterm-wi08 Midterm-fa07 Midterm-sp07 Midterm-wi07 Midterm-fa06 Midterm-sp06 Midterm-wi06 Midterm-fa05 Midterm-sp05 Midterm-wi05 Midterm-fa04 Midterm-sp04 Midterm-wi04 Midterm-fa03 Midterm-sp03 Midterm-wi03 Midterm-fa02 Midterm-sp02 Midterm-wi02 Midterm-fa01 Midterm-sp01 Midterm-wi01 Midterm-fa00 Midterm-su00
Midterm worth 20% of entire grade

Quiz 4

Sample Exercises for Quiz 4
Previous Quiz4s (PDF) Quiz 4-wi14 Quiz 4-fa13 Quiz 4-wi13 Quiz 4-fa12 Quiz 4-sp12 Quiz 4-wi12 Quiz 4-sp10 Quiz 4-sp09 Quiz 4-wi09 Quiz 4-fa08 Quiz 4-sp08 Quiz 4-wi08 Quiz 4-fa07 Quiz 4-sp07 Quiz 4-wi07 Quiz 4-fa06 Quiz 4-sp06 Quiz 4-wi06 Quiz 4-fa05 Quiz 4-sp05 Quiz 4-wi05 Quiz 4-fa04 Quiz 4-sp04 Quiz 4-wi04 Quiz 4-fa03 Quiz 4-sp03 Quiz 4-wi03 Quiz 4-fa02 Quiz 4-sp02 Quiz 4-wi02 Quiz 4-fa01 Quiz 4-sp01 Quiz 4-wi01 Quiz 4-fa00 Quiz 4-sp00
Quiz 4 worth 2% of entire grade

Quiz 5

Sample Exercises for Quiz 5
Previous Quiz5s (PDF) Quiz 5-wi14 Quiz 5-fa13 Quiz 5-wi13 Quiz 5-fa12 Quiz 5-sp12 Quiz 5-wi12 Quiz 5-sp10 Quiz 5-sp09 Quiz 5-wi09 Quiz 5-fa08 Quiz 5-sp08 Quiz 5-wi08 Quiz 5-fa07 Quiz 5-sp07 Quiz 5-wi07 Quiz 5-fa06 Quiz 5-sp06 Quiz 5-wi06 Quiz 5-fa05 Quiz 5-sp05 Quiz 5-wi05 Quiz 5-fa04 Quiz 5-sp04 Quiz 5-wi04 Quiz 5-fa03 Quiz 5-sp03 Quiz 5-wi03 Quiz 5-fa02 Quiz 5-sp02 Quiz 5-wi02 Quiz 5-fa01 Quiz 5-sp01 Quiz 5-wi01 Quiz 5-fa00 Quiz 5-sp00 Quiz 5-wi00
Quiz 5 worth 2% of entire grade

Final [single sheet of paper - two sides hand-written; BRING ID]

Final Review
Previous Finals (PDF) Final-wi14 Final-fa13 Final-wi13 Final-fa12 Final-sp12 Final-wi12 Final-sp10 Final-sp09 Final-wi09 Final-fa08 Final-sp08 Final-wi08 Final-fa07 Final-sp07 Final-wi07 Final-fa06 Final-sp06 Final-wi06 Final-fa05 Final-sp05 Final-wi05 Final-fa04 Final-sp04 Final-wi04 Final-fa03 Final-sp03 Final-wi03 Final-fa02 Final-sp02 Final-wi02 Final-fa01 Final-sp01 Final-wi01 Final-fa00 Final-su00
SPARC Assembly to Machine Language Translation Guide (PDF) will be provided.
Final worth 35% of entire grade