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Textbook's companion website
Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing

Some Useful ACS Links

ACS Homepage


Scratch Homepage (
Scratch for Budding Computer Scientists

Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat Reader

SSH Links

SSH Shell & File Transfer client (for PC)
      For PCs, select SSHSecureShellClient-X.X.X.exe application.
Fugu File Transfer client (for Mac)




PrimoPDF - Free PDF creator for PCs (Print to PDF).

Anti-Virus Links

AVG Free Anti-Virus

Anti-Spyware Links

Spyware Blaster (Immunizer)
Spybot Search & Destroy (Immunizer & Scanner)
Lavasoft Ad-Aware (Scanner)


Irfanview - Graphic viewer for PCs.

Zone Alarm - Software Firewall

Zone Alarm - Software Firewall for PCs.

CD/DVD Burning Software


How To Be A Successful College Student and Get Better Grades

10 Ways To Get Better Grades
How Not To Be A Successful College Student

Fun Stuff

How to Count to 1,023 on Your Fingers
String of balls
Industrious Digital Clock
Powers of Ten
ASCII Art Generator
Cool Illusions
Cool Illusion2
Carve A Virtual Pumpkin