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Hunter Textbook: 2nd edition errata / 1st edition errata
A Short Course in Discrete Mathematics - First Course - by Williamson and Bender
Mathematics for Algorithm and System Analysis - Second Course - by Williamson and Bender

Alan Turing - Home Page / Alan Turing - Wikipedia
Reading CS Classics
Edsgar Dijkstra Interview
Donald Knuth Interview part 1 and Donald Knuth Interview part 2
CAR Hoare Interview
Stephen Cook Interview

Some Useful ACMS Links

ACMS Homepage

How To Be A Successful College Student and Get Better Grades

10 Ways To Get Better Grades
How Not To Be A Successful College Student
Making Your First Impression Count: Effective Resumes from The Bent of Tau Beta Pi

Dead Grandmother Syndrome

Other Useful Links

Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing
Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problems
Stanford CS Education Library

Fun Stuff

Binary marble adding machine
How to Count to 1,023 on Your Fingers
String of balls
Industrious Digital Clock
Powers of Ten
Cool Illusions
Cool Illusion2