CSE 131 Syllabus
Compiler Construction
(More Assembly Required)
Spring 2014


Tuesdays & Thursdays
3:30pm - 4:50pm
Center Hall 119

Discussion Sections:

Fridays: 2:00-2:50pm or 3:00-3:50pm -- Center Hall 212

Home Base Lab:

EBU3B B260 -- basement of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) building
All files, turnin, linking and execution of generated code on ieng9.ucsd.edu Sun SPARC architecture


Rick Ord — EBU3B 2102
Office Hours: Fri 9:00 - 11:00am in my office, open office policy, or by appt

TAs / Tutors:

TA: Jesse Porter - jdporter@eng.ucsd.edu
Head Tutor: Zach Johnson - zdjohnson@ucsd.edu
See the Lab Hours schedule for all the TAs and Tutors.



Major Course Concepts

Semantic Analysis -- Ch. 1-6 (C:PTT); Ch. 4 (EAC); Ch. 1-4, 7 (PLP)

Emphasis on Type Checking

Runtime Environment -- Ch. 7 (C:PTT); Ch. 5-7 (EAC); Ch. 3, 7-10 (PLP)

Emphasis on C/C++ and Java/C# runtime architectures and memory management

Code Generation -- Ch. 8-9 (C:PTT); Ch. 7, 11-13 (EAC); Ch. 5-6, 14 (PLP)

Code shape issues. Procedure call abstraction. OOP/polymorphism implementation.
Project target code is Sun SPARC assembly. Hence the subtitle: More Assembly Required.

Code Optimization/Improvement -- Ch. 9-10 (C:PTT); Ch. 8-10 (EAC); Ch. 15 (PLP)

Machine independent and machine dependent code improvements.
Local and global code improvements.

Programming Projects

Reduced-C translator (defined subset of the C++ Programming Language)
Project 1 -- Static Semantic Analysis with emphasis on Static Type Checking/Error Reporting
Project 2 -- Code Generation (to SPARC Assembly) with some dynamic runtime checks
Most project details covered in Discussion Sections including starter code
We do run MOSS (Measure Of Software Similarity)

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