CSE 131 Final Review

Read, sign, and return your CSE131 Integrity of Scholarship Agreement BRING YOUR ID. You will be allowed to bring in an 8.5x11" sheet of paper with both sides filled in, handwritten by you. No electronic devices. Review the Midterm Review notes and all the Quiz Review notes. Review appropriate sections in the recommended textbooks. Review all class notes. Using C/C++, Java, C#, and Reduced-C examples. Review Project I and II. Review all Quizzes and the Midterm. Code Improvement (Optimization) Where code improvement can occur in the compilation sequence Machine independent vs. machine dependent improvements Peephole Local (Basic Block) Global (Intraprocedural) Program-Global (Interprocedural) [link-time or run-time] Elimination of redundant loads/stores Constant folding Constant propagation Dead code elimination Common subexpression elimination Copy propagation Strength reduction Elimination of useless instructions Filling delay slots and load dependencies with useful instructions Exploitation of the instruction set Local (Basic Block) Code Improvement Global (Intra_Procedural) Code Improvement Loop Improvements Loop Invariants Induction Variables Loop Unrolling Loop Reordering Instruction Scheduling Register Allocation JIT compilers CISC vs. RISC vs. EPIC