On May 14, 1998, the overcast skies would clear up, as the weather seemed disinclined to interfere with what is probably Caltech's greatest tradition. Fay Peng and I created the Usual Suspects stack. An abbreviated photographic record of the action is found on this page. Please maximize your browser for maximum effect.

Our stack involved many novel features including the use of video both for taping the stack, and for providing clues, full color T-shirts, using pictures taken in the morning for clues in the evening, and one-time pads for both the final image clue and the room combination.

For those upcoming seniors who may be reading this, I would definitely recommend stacking. While it will take at least a couple of weeks to put together, it's well worth it.

The signup sheet

The first task was to assemble for the lineup at the north vista at the Huntington Gardens . There, we took convict pictures against the statues with a digital camera. Unknown to the stackers, this same picture would give them the final clue.

Thereafter, they would hijack Dean Revel to recover a videotape which gave them 5 clues, each with a hex digit. You'll have to watch the stack video to actually see the videotape.

Some photographs from their search.

By XORing a file found in the ditchday98 account with a file found earlier on a floppy (since we couldn't get on campus during the day, Rajit transferred the files from digital camera), the stackers learn who Keyser Soze is, and he is duly ponded.

Then, by adding the hex digits from their 5 clues to private information obtained from Mr. Soze, they derive my room combination. It's bribe time.

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