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I am a Graduate Student Researcher in Computer Science at UC San Diego. I am currently working on a project called PIRCNET under the guidance of Prof. Nadir Weibel, Prof. Lawrence Saul, Prof. Amarnath Gupta, and Dr. Susan Little. The goal of this project is to characterize HIV Transmission Networks using publicly available data on Social Networks for more effective, targeted intervention. It involves an exciting blend of Health Science, Machine Learning, Graph Analytics & Visualizations, and HCI. It is a project very dear to me because it allows me to use my skillset to contribute to the society in my own little ways.

I have worked previously as a Research Assistant in Human Comuter Interaction at the Design Lab at UC San Diego on a project called Gradstudio under the guidance of Prof. Scott Klemmer.

I am passionate about interdisciplinary research that blends HCI, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Science.

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