Fall 2022
CSE 30

Hi, I'm Keith Muller and I recently retired after a 45-year career in industry, primarily as systems software developer, product architect, and in several senior technical leadership roles. I have worked in small startups, ran my own consulting firm, worked in industrial research labs and worked for large companies developing products. See my my LinkedIn profile if you are interested. My personal goals for classes I teach at UCSD are on helping students learn and understand the topics while adding an industry relevant focus on skills, problem solving approaches, and other topics that you will help you be successful after you graduate from UCSD. During the academic year 2022-2023 I will be teaching CSE30 in the fall and will offer a new graduate course in Storage System Archtecture in the spring.

For the Fall 2022 quarter I will be teaching CSE 30 with Prof Chin. This quarter, CSE 30 has three discussion sections, two are associated with my lecture and one is associated with Prof Chin. Regardless of which section you are enrolled in, all students will take the same exams and work on the same programming assignments. Lectures are in-person and are recoded to podcast.ucsd.edu. Since a lot of material is only available in lecture, attendance (or just watching the podcasts) is required. You are strongly encouraged to attend my lecture in-person. In past quarters, students who attended lecture in-person did significantly better in the course and typically got the highest grades. Discussion sections are in-person and recorded to podcast.ucsd.edu. Discussion sections will go over quizzes, homework and programming assignments, and review select topics from the readings and lectures. You are encouraged to attend your discussion section either in person, or by watching the podcasts. Quizzes, homework’s, and programming assignments are completed on-line. Be aware that the Midterm and Final exam are in-person, so plan accordingly. If you cannot make the in-person exams please contact me before October 30 to see if we can work something out.

The class syllabus located on the CSE 30 Canvas site (and by using the CSE 30 Class Docs quick link on the sidebar), is your primary guide to the class. Put reminders for quiz dates, reading assignments and programming assignment due dates into your smartphone. Be sure to schedule plenty of time to work on the programming assignments and study for the quizzes. Plan to connect to both the class Canvas site and to edstem at least daily to check for any new notices. Be proactive, attend lecture, do all the assigned readings, download and study the lecture slides, go to the discussion sessions, see the tutors, and make use of my office hours. Additional office hours with me (other than those listed below), are available by email appointment. You can also send questions via email if that is what you prefer.

Office Hours starting (Thursday) September 22, 2022

  • Tue, Thur: 2:00-3:00 PM PDT (Right after class, in-person only -Location: CSE 3109)
  • Wed: 3:00-4:30 PM PDT (zoom only)
  • By appointment (email me with a time you would like to meet)
  • Click the Quick link on the sidebar to connect during my Zoom office hours
  • As time permits, I'm available for discussions on your academic or career questions, like resume help, finding interships, etc. (or if you just want to talk).
  • Please don't hesitate to schedule your office hour appointment by Email!

CSE 30 Lecture

  • Tues, Thur: 12:50 PM-1:50 PM The Jeannie Auditorium
  • Class lecture slides are available on canvas


I am an Adjunct Professor in Computer Science and an Industrial Fellow at HDSI. I returned to teaching at UCSD in 2020 after a 45-year career in industry. I started my engineering career at Bell Laboratories (New Jersey) in the microprocessor research division. I spent several years running a consulting practice and ended up taking a full-time position at one of them, a startup company at the time called Teradata (where I stayed for 30 years). My primary focus was on the architecture, design, cost/performance optimization of commercial high availability MPP database systems. I specialize in the following subsystems in database architecture: local and fabric attached storage systems (reliability, cost, and performance continuity optimization), distributed concurrency, high-bandwidth fabric network adapters (interface and thread throughput optimization), file systems. I also worked with embedded real-time instrumentation systems (sensor data processing). I was contributor to the Computer Science Research Group at UC Berkeley (BSD 4.4 UNIX; much of which is still shipping in Apple IOS and MacOS). I have been doing system and OS kernel (UNIX and Linux) commercial software development in C and assembly language for more than 45 years. You can also see my LinkedIn profile.

Contact Info

Email is the best way to contact me.

Email: muller@eng.ucsd.edu