Hello, Friend.

Matus Telgarsky

mjt at illinois dot edu

2016 - (!).     Please visit my new page at UIUC!!!

2007 - 2013.   Before that I spent 6 glorious years with Sanjoy Dasgupta!!!

Some pre-UIUC papers
Representation Benefits of Deep Feedforward Networks.
Matus Telgarsky.
[arXiv] Convex Risk Minimization and Conditional Probability Estimation.
Matus Telgarsky, Miroslav Dudík, Robert Schapire.
[arXiv] [short video] [poster] Moment-based Uniform Deviation Bounds for \(k\)-means and Friends.
Matus Telgarsky, Sanjoy Dasgupta.
[pdf] [arXiv] [poster] Margins, Shrinkage, and Boosting.
Matus Telgarsky.
[arXiv] [video] Agglomerative Bregman Clustering.
Matus Telgarsky, Sanjoy Dasgupta.
[pdf] [short video]