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Electronic Commerce and Electronic Payments

Last offered as CSE 291 B00, Advanced Topics in Cryptography, Spring 00

Instructor: Mihir Bellare

Meets: Tu and Th 3:55 -- 5:15 in AP&M 4882.

Pre-requisites: CSE 207, 200, and 202, or permission of instructor.

Topics, plan and student requirements

The main focus is cryptographic protocols and underlying tools. Amongst topics we will discuss are:

I will begin the class by trying to overview the different models and types of electronic payment mechanisms. We will try to understand the security and commercial issues involved in choosing between different types of payments.

Each student will be expected to

For the electronic payment area, one source of information is the web; starting pointers are below. Another possibility is papers from research conferences such as Financial Cryptography. We will try to organize presentations in this area to illustrate the different types of payments: credit card based mechanisms; micropayments; electronic checks; stored value cards; ecash; etc. For other topics, research papers are the main source of materiel. We pointers will appear below later.

Joint projects are allowed but not joint presentations. That is, a group of students might want to get together, research a topic or set of related topics, and then each deliver one presentation. (The accompanying writeup could be in common, or separate, as they prefer.) You are encouraged to discuss the work together even if you don't ``officially'' collaborate. You are also encouraged to correlate your topics and sequence them effectively relative to other people's topics.

Recommended text

For the materiel on electronic payments: Electronic payment systems by Donal O'Mahony, Michael Peirce, and Hitesh Tewari. Artech House, ISBN 0890069255, 1997.

An order for 15 copies was placed at the UCSD bookstore March 31, 2000. It will take a few weeks for them to get the books. The information in it is mostly available on the web (see below) but not in as collected and accesible a form.

For the other topics there is no suitable text.

Background materiel

References on electronic payments


As people decide on their presentation topics we will fill up the schedule below.

Day Lecturer Topic Sources
Tuesday April 4 Mihir Overview of electronic payment
Thursday April 6 Sara Forward secure digital signatures
Tuesday April 11 No class No class
Thursday April 13 Mihir On-Line Ecash
Tuesday April 18 Anand Auctions
Thursday April 20 Sasha Micropayments
Tuesday April 25 Mihir Off-Line Ecash
Thursday April 27 Mihir Brands' ecash schemes
Tuesday May 2 Mihir Brands' ecash schemes
Thursday May 4 Jee hea SET and blinding of CC numbers pdf of paper
Tuesday May 9 Alejandro Electronic voting schemes paper
Thursday May 11 Mihir Probabilistic Micropayments lottery and coin-flips
Tuesday May 16 No Class No Class
Thursday May 18 No Class No Class
Tuesday May 23 Edward NetBill and NetCheque
Thursday May 25 Mihir
Tuesday May 30 Michel Security arguments for blind signatures paper
Thursday June 1 Alex Group blind signatures paper ; MS thesis
Tuesday June 6 Meaw Identification protocols
Thursday June 8 Mike Fair exchange and contract signing

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