August 20--24, 2000
Santa Barbara, California, USA

Presentation information

With regard to presentations at Crypto 2000, speakers will have three options:

  1. You can bring your own laptop, and attach it to an onstage projector. (The plug on the data projector is compatible with all current PC notebooks and all MAC's in the 3400 series or later.)
  2. You can bring a powerpoint file on a floppy, and load it onto an onstage computer running Windows NT.
  3. You can bring transparencies.
It is probably prudent for all of the speakers to have backup slides (option 3) in case something unexpected happens with the data projection.

If you use option 2, note that when you transfer a powerpoint presentation from one machine to another, you need to embed the fonts in the original presentation or else it will not display correctly on the machine you try to view it on. Give the floppies to Matt Franklin (the general chair) as early as possible and he will pass them on for installation and testing on our computer so that they are available at the time of the presentation.

Please contact Matt if you have any questions in this regard: .