An Automatic Crypto Research Topic or Paper Title Generator

Looking for a research topic in cryptography? Haven't been able to find one because everything seems to already have been done? Welcome to the automatic crypto research-topic and paper-title generator. Just click on the button below, and there will appear a topic suitable for research and as a title of your upcoming Crypto paper. You can click as often as you want, and get more and more topics and titles.

How does this work? We have considered the following terms, divided into three columns:

To generate a paper title or topic, our generator will

For example, selecting blind from Column 1, RSA-based from Column 2 and group-signature scheme from Column 3 produces:

A blind, RSA-based group-signature scheme .

Written by Mihir Bellare with help from Bennet Yee. Inspired by Douglas Comer's CS research topic generator.