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2015-presentPhD, under supervision of Prof. Steven Swanson, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, USA.
2011-2013MSc, under supervision of Prof. Hamid Sarbazi-Azad, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.
2006-2011BSc, under supervision of Prof. Mohammad Bagher Ghaznavi-Ghoushchi, Shahed University, Tehran, Iran.

Phd Thesis

Persistent Memory Programming with Confidence

It's been a while since persistent memory (PM) modules have been commercialized and can be found in the market. Recent developments in PM technologies as in Intel® 3D-XPoint™ has been introduced as an alternative to battery-backed DRAM and flash-based memory modules. The hardware has been growing fast, and so does the software. As PM programming becomes more popular in the industries, the challenges of PM programming models such as crash-consistency and data integrity draw more attention.

Recently, I have been carrying out a research focusing on the safety issues related to the PM programming challenges. There have been a great number of programming libraries making it easier to work with PM such as PMDK, NV-Heaps, NVM-Direct, Mnemosyne, etc. However, writing a correct program still requires a steep learning curve for the PM programming model and people may unintentionally write runtime bugs. My current research is focused on moving the possible runtime PM bugs to the compilation time using static analysis which provides formally provable PM bug-free implementation. To this end, I have developed Corundum, a library in Rust, which prevents PM bugs before compilation through code restriction that prevents bugs in the first place, as the initial step towards a PM bug-free programming environment.

Master Thesis

Designing a Phase Change Main Memory with High Performance and Capacity

Phase change memory with multi-bit storage capability (MLC PCM) is one of the most promising candidates to alternate DRAM memories due to its low-leakage power, high-density, and non-volatility. However, the level of cell storage density severely impacts on the read performance which prevents having a proper combination of high-density and low-latency in a memory system.

Based on asymmetric read latency of MLC-PCM, we proposed Striped PCM, SPCM, a memory architecture that leverages this property to keep MLC's read latency in the order of SLC's.

Work Experience

Samsung Memory Solutions LabSummer Internship, 2017, Research & development of software solutions for data center's storage systems.
SportBoard (Analyzer)a semi-automatic performance analyzing software for soccer matches.
SportBoard (End-User)a powerful browser for representing analytical information in a beautiful GUI.
OrDAQan electrical data acquisition board along with a general purpose software for gathering and analysing data.
HAFIZ Book Scannera device for digitalizing precious manuscripts, documents, and books using CANON cameras.


  • Software Development and API design
  • Programming Languages
  • Emerging memory/storage technologies
  • Storage systems
  • Compilers



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