The schedule for the workshop is below.

Time Speaker Title
7:30–7:40 Welcome
7:40–8:10 Elizabeth Churchill Data Triangulation, Information Visualization and Ethnomining:
Understanding Everyday Interactions with Technologies
8:10–8:30 Kristin Bennett Optimal Embedding of Heterogeneous Graph Data with Edge Crossing Constraints
8:30–9:00 Samuel Kaski Information Visualization and Retrieval
9:00–9:20 Coffee break
9:20–9:30 Matthew Gardner Demonstration
9:30–10:00 Robert Kosara Challenges in Information Visualization
10:00–10:30 Arthur Gretton Bayesian Inference with Kernels
10:30–15:30 Ski break
15:30–16:00 Lise Getoor Visual Analytics for Relational Data
16:00–16:20 Joshua Lewis A Psychophysical Investigation of Dimensionality Reduction
16:20–16:30 Brian Mac Namee Demonstration
16:30–17:00 Panel discussion
17:00–17:40 Poster session Bassam Mokbel: On the Effect of Clustering on Quality Assessment Measures for Dimensionality Reduction
Pooyan Khajehpour: Visualization in Low Dimensional Space by Tessellation of Linear Subspaces
Laurens van der Maaten: Fast Optimization for t-SNE
Andrej Gisbrecht: The Nystrom approximation for relational generative topographic mappings
Axel Soto: Adaptive Visualization of Text Documents Incorporating Domain Knowledge
Matthew Gardner: The Topic Browser: An Interactive Tool for Browsing Topic Models
Brian Mac Namee: Inside the Selection Box: Visualising active learning selection strategies
Sebastian Bitzer: Kick-starting GPLVM Optimization via a Connection to Metric MDS
17:40–18:00 Neil Lawrence Probabilistic Spectral Dimensionality Reduction
18:00–18:30 Novi Quadrianto Kernelized Sorting for Data Visualization: Globby Search Engine
18:30 Closing