The Healthcare Robotics at UCSD builds robots able to sense, learn, and adapt to real people in the real world. We work on designing new learning algorithms for robots that leverage coordination mechanisms and contextual processing to enable them to be successful at this. The lab has a particular focus in proximate teaming safety-critical settings, including critical care, neurorehabilitation, home health, and advanced manufacturing.

Some of our recent projects include, clockwise from top left: Implicit learning from demonstration, human-robot coordination dynamics, human-centered factory automation, next generation robotic patient simulators, and adaptive robots for home healthcare. (See more details on my research page and publications page).

If you are interested in joining the lab, please read some of our papers, and send me an email! There are only three prerequisites:

  1. You think robots (or healthcare) is cool
  2. You enjoy working with other people, and
  3. You are not afraid to break stuff (paradigms, hardware, kit kats).

Engineers, scientists, clinicians, designers - all are welcome. We are a multidisciplinary lab.