Onwards And Upwards

On behalf of the Department of CSE, I would like to congratulate Pat(ricia) Raczka, for a job well done! Effective July 1, 1993, Pat was reclassified from Program Assistant I to Program Assistant II.

Pat has worn many hats in the two years she has worked in the CSE department, and she has many hidden talents.

Pat came to our department from the Office of Graduate Studies and Research (Graduate Admissions area), so since day one she has been a big asset to our admission system in CSE. Knowing the many contacts in OGSR has helped, along with the procedures for processing such admissions.

Pat has received quite a lot of training from me on continuing graduate student affairs, and has been a big asset in setting up the University Qualifying exams and Final Defenses that have been going on this past Spring quarter and throughout the summer, for which there have been many.

Now on to another stage in Pat's career; Pat is now in training with Julie in our Undergraduate Academic Affairs office.

Again, congratulations, Pat, and keep up the good work.

Patricia Naughton -- CSE Graduate Student Academic Affairs

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