FrameMaker Button Colors

The December 1991 issue article of CSE Uptime had an article dealing in large part with FrameMaker's "tri-state" buttons. Basically, a tri-state but on is one that can have one of three settings, typically on, off, and no specific change or value. If you've dealt with these at all, you may have noticed that it's not always easy to distinguish between the different states.

If you are using a color display, you have some X resources available to help make the state of those buttons look a little clearer. You can set these in your .Xdefaults file:




With these set, when the button is set to no, you will see a 3-d looking button with a center the same color as FrameMaker's overall background color. When the button is set to yes you see the selectColor (make it red or something so it's easy). When the button is in the third, unset position, the entire border is the topShadowColor (actually it looks like it's screened with the bottomShadowColor), so there is no 3-d and the button is neither in nor out.

An example of a color setup:

! My standard window colors -- white on dark navy blue
*foreground:    white
*background:    navy
! FrameMaker color defaults -- a bright medium blue background
! Buttons: light blue topShadow, dark navy bottomShadow, bright red select
Maker*background:               #238af5
Maker*selectColor:              red
Maker*topShadowColor:           skyblue
Maker*bottomShadowColor:        Navyblue
Glenn Little -- CSE Systems Support Group

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