Recent Software Updates

  • math -- Mathematica mathematics system

    Mathematica 2.2 has been installed on mbongo. A list of changes is on-line, see /usr/local/doc/math-2.2/NewFeatures.

  • xinfo -- X utility to view Info files which are provided with most GNU software

    Version 1.01 installed as /usr/X11/bin/xinfo. Nice way for non-emacs and non-TeXinfo users to read the GNU documents.

  • xmosaic -- networked information discovery, retrieval, and collaboration tool and World Wide Web browsing client

    Version 1.2 installed. See accompanying article in this issue.

  • bison -- GNU Project parser generator (yacc replacement)

    Updated to version 1.21. See the bison entry in xinfo for more information.

  • gzip, gunzip, zcat -- compress or expand files

    Updated to version 1.2.3. Now puts on a .gz suffix instead of .z, but is backward-compatible to read .z files as well as .Z files. See CSE Uptime February 1993.

    Also see the gzip entry in xinfo for more information on gzip.

  • ispell -- Correct spelling for a file

    Upgraded to version 4.0. NOTE: Previous versions of ispell used to read the file .ispell_words from your home directory (if it existed) as your private list of words considered good and used as possible near misses. This new version now reads the file called ispell.words in your home directory.

    See the ispell entry in xinfo for more information on ispell.

  • xzap -- an X process zapper

    Version 1.1 installed. Provides an easy way to send signals to Unix processes. On-line documentation available (man xzap, xzap help menu item).

  • xgrabsc -- grab rectangular screen images and store in files

    Updated to version 2.3. This utility is used for capturing screen images for inclusion in CSE Uptime.

  • xclipboard -- X clipboard client

    Updated to version 1.15. This utility can be useful for copy/paste activities between MIT X11R5, OpenWindows, and Motif clients. It also provides multiple cut buffers.

    The xclipboard program is used to collect and display text selections that are sent to the CLIPBOARD by other clients. It is typically used to save CLIPBOARD selections for later use. It stores each CLIPBOARD selection as a separate string, each of which can be selected. Each time CLIPBOARD is asserted by another application, xclipboard transfers the contents of that selection to a new buffer and displays it in the text window. Buffers are never automatically deleted, so you'll want to use the delete button to get rid of useless items.

    Since xclipboard uses a Text Widget to display the contents of the clipboard, text sent to the CLIPBOARD may be re-selected for use in other applications. xclipboard also responds to requests for the CLIPBOARD selection from other clients by sending the entire contents of the currently displayed buffer.

  • top -- display and update information about the top cpu processes

    Version 3.2 installed.

  • xfig -- Facility for Interactive Generation of figures under X11

    Updated to version 2.1.7a.

  • transfig -- creates a makefile for portable LaTeX figures

    Updated to version 2.1.7.

  • xarchie -- X11 browser interface to archie

    Updated to version 2.0.8

  • aXe -- an X editor

    Upgraded to version 5.1. Major changes for this release are:

  • New Kanji fonts and jenscript

    Larger Kanji fonts (jis32 and jis48) have been installed into /usr/local/lib/fonts. Also patched /usr/local/bin/jenscript to support jis48 when the -S12 flag is used. This enables printing and ghostviewing documents with much larger (and more readable) Japanese characters.

    The general way to print documents with JIS codes in them is:

    	% jenscript -S12 filename | kanjips | lpr

  • The phone script has been replaced with a script that advises people to finger user@ucsd.
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