Midwest PL Summit 2018

University of Wisconsin-Madison

October, 12th 2018

The Midwest PL Summit is an informal workshop to foster the exchange of ideas and to promote collaboration among faculty and students in the Greater Midwest area. Anyone interested in programming languages and compilers — including applications to areas such as systems, software engineering, and human-computer interaction — is welcome to attend. Our aim is to have a broad selection of talks and posters about ongoing research and any other topics that may be of interest to the PL community. There will be no formal proceedings, but abstracts and slides will be distributed on the web after the workshop.


Introductory Remarks
Session 1: Testing and Verification (Session chair: Roopsha Samanta)
  • Data Race Detection on Compressed Traces (Umang Mathur, UIUC)
  • CFIXX: Object Type Integrity (Nathan Burow, Purdue)
  • HexCFI: Context Aware Precise Dynamic Control-Flow Integrity (5 minutes) (Priyam Biswas, Purdue)
  • Analysis of Post-Deployment Software Failures (5 minutes) (Peter Ohmann, St. Benedict/St. John's)
  • Delta Logics: Logics for Change (5 minutes) (Adithya Murali, UIUC)
  • On the Effectiveness of Higher-Order Random Testing (Shu-Hung You, Northwestern)
  • Scheduling Transformations and Dependence Tests for Recursive Programs (5 minutes) (Kirshanthan Sundararajah, Purdue)
Coffee break
Session 2: Synthesis (Session chair: Aws Albarghouthi)
  • Parameterized Synthesis for Distributed Applications with Consensus (Nouraldin I Jaber, Purdue)
  • Topology-Specific Synthesis of Parameterized Fault-Tolerant Protocols with Constant-Space Processes (Ali Ebnenasir, Michigan TU)
  • Synthesizing Data and Control Planes for Intent-based Networking (5 minutes) (Kausik Subramanian, Univ. of Wisconsin)
  • Live and Direct Functional Programming with Typed Holes (Cyrus Omar, UChicago)
  • Learning Stateful Preconditions Modulo a Test Generator (Angello Astorga, UIUC)
Session 3: Probabilistic Programming and ML4PL (Session chair: Sasa Misailovic)
  • Code Vectors: Understanding Programs Through Embedded Abstracted Symbolic Traces (Jordan Henkel, Univ. of Wisconsin)
  • Symbolic disintegration with a variety of base measures (Chung-Chieh Shan, Indiana University)
  • Testing probabilistic programming systems (Saikat Dutta, UIUC)
  • SemCluster: Semantic Clustering of Programming Assignments via Model Counting and Value Variations (David Perry, Purdue)
Coffee Break and Poster Session
Session 4: Types and Language Design (Session chair: Justin Hsu)
  • On Unsatisfiability (Garrett Morris, U. of Kansas)
  • Collapsible Contracts: Fixing a Pathology of Gradual Typing (5 minutes) (Daniel Feltey, Northwestern)
  • The State of the K Framework (5 minutes) (Ralph Johnson, Runtime Verification)
  • Locational Type Theory: A Generic Framework for Dependently-Typed Modal Reasoning (5 minutes) (Alexander Altman, UIUC)
  • Maintaining Typability after Untyped Rewrites in Cedille (5 minutes) (Colin McDonald, Univ. of Iowa)
  • Safe Replication through Bounded Concurrency Verification (Gowtham Kaki, Purdue)
  • Vaani: A code generation framework for distributed memory systems (Sweta Yamini Pothukuchi, UIUC)
  • A building-block for distributed generational garbage collection in the actor model (5 minutes) (Dan Plyukhin, UIUC)
Dinner form group and head to restaurants


DryadSynth: The Concolic SyGuS Solver (Kangjing Huang, Purdue)
ECHO: a DSL for correct-by-construction binary decoders and encoders (Qianchuan Ye, Purdue)
Robust Example-based Synthesis via Example Perturbation (Shengwei An, Purdue)
Understanding and Auto-Adjusting Performance-Sensitive Configurations (Shu Wang, U. Chicago)
Approximating Polymorphic Effects with Capabilities (Justin Lubin, U. Chicago)
Obsidian in the Rough: A Case Study Evaluation of a New Blockchain Programming Language (Paulette Koronkevich, Indiana)
Automatic Regular Expression Repair (Gaowei Xu, Univ. of Wisconsin)
Neural-Augmented Static Analysis of Android Communication (Jinman Zhao, Univ. of Wisconsin)
Swift for TensorFlow (Dan Zheng, Purdue)
The Less Known Alpha Generation (Sakhi Aggrawal, Purdue)
A Unified Language for the Verification, Execution and Simulation of Hybrid Systems (Jean-Baptiste Jeannin, Univ. of Michigan)
QuB: A resource aware functional programming language. (Apoorv Ingle, Univ. of Kansas)


Sep 1
Deadline for student request for travel support
Sep 14
Deadline for talk submissions
Sep 21
Registration deadline
Oct 12
MWPLS workshop


Registration is free and attendees will be provided with complimentary breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks, but dinner will be a pay-for-yourself affair.


UW-Madison, Dept. of Computer Sciences
1210 W Dayton St (Room 1240)


We have secured rooms at various hotels. See this document for availability (book by 9/11/18).


Try emailing Gaowei Xu (gxu47@wisc.edu) to get a permit. If he runs out we recommend trying to park at the Engineering Drive Ramp.


Loris D'Antoni and the UW-Madison Faculty (Aws Albarghouthi, Justin Hsu, Somesh Jha, Ben Liblit, Tom Reps) and students.