Distributed Rate Limiting on Planetlab:

DRL has been installed on 4 Planetlab sites: Ege in Turkey, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins, and Naist. These sites establish a single global rate limit to control the aggregate outbound bandwidth for all nodes at each site. We are monitoring these nodes every hour and creating five graphs to illustrate DRL behavior. They include:

Local Rate: Plots the per-node rate and the aggregate across the nodes at the site.  The top line is the sum, each other line corresponds to a single node.

Local Limit: This plots the local rate limit of each node (using a token bucket) and the sum of the limits (the top line).

Weight: The FPS weight value at each node.  When the aggregate traffic rate is at or above the global rate limit, each node shares a portion of the global limit according to its weight value.  For instance, if there are two nodes with weights of 9 and 3, the first node will be assigned 3/4 (9/12) of the global limit, while the second node will receive 1/4 (3/12).

# of Flows: A count of the number of active flows at each node.

Average Flow Rate: The mean flow rate at each node.

Ege:  2 nodes @ 10 Mbps limit (1250000)

Georgetown:  2 nodes @ 20 Mbps limit (2500000)

Johns Hopkins:  4 nodes @ 40 Mbps limit (5000000)

Naist:  4 nodes @ 40 Mbps limit (5000000)