Brief Bio 

I was born in Suryapet and grew up in Chityala,  Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh, India. I have my under graduate in Computer Science and Engineering at Regional Engineering College, Warangal now known as National Institute of Technology. I have a graduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering from India Institute of Technology, Kanpur.  I spent few years working as a Member Technical at D.E. Shaw Software India Limited before joining UCSD.


Grand Canyon Trip (Sept. 2004)

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Kishore Kothapalli
Naga Sridhar Kataru

Why did Chicken crossed the road?

My Dad Chickens are doing this for a long time
My Mom Its mom told
Me Its a trade-off
My brother, Kishore Somebody told 
My brother, Kranth To be different from its brothers
My brother, Satish To help others
My friend, Sreekanth To spend some time by doing some thing
Krishna in Geeta It doesn't matter