Karyn Benson

SDSC 308(elfbin) or EBU3b 4240
kbenson [at] cs [dot] ucsd [dot] edu

About Me

I recently defended and will join Akamai as a Performance Engineer

I am a Computer Science PhD student at UCSD. I'm interested in networks, algorithms, and security. My current research involves the network telescope at CAIDA. I work with Alberto Dainotti, kc claffy and Alex Snoeren.

Prior to UCSD, I worked at the Army Research Laboratory. I completed my Masters in Security Informatics and Computer Science at The Johns Hopkins University, where I worked with Giuseppe Ateniese and Susan Hohenberger. I received my Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Wellesley College.

I am a National Physical Science Consortium Fellow.

Besides computer science, I also enjoy long distance running and playing field hockey.


Internet Measurement

Crypto and Algorithms