Spring 2012: AI Seminar

Time and Venue:

CSE 4140, Mondays 12:10-1:10pm


Kamalika Chaudhuri
Email: kamalika at cs dot ucsd dot edu


Date Speaker Title
Apr 2 Sanjoy Dasgupta Annotation on the Cheap
Apr 9 Rutu Mulkar-Mehta Granular Causality for Learning by Reading
Apr 16 Shlomo Dubnov Predictive Modeling of Musical and Audio Structure

Software available: here and here.

Apr 23 Michael Goldbaum Cancelled.
Apr 30 Lovro Subelj Structural-world conjecture: On functional modules and communities in real-world networks
May 7 Kristina Lerman Rethinking Network Analysis: Topology, Dynamics and Network Structure
May 14 Lihong Li Machine Learning in the Bandit Setting: Algorithms, Evaluation, and Case Studies
May 21 Mohammad Naghshvar
May 28 No Seminar, Memorial Day
Jun 4 Lenny Grokop