Jacek Cyranka http://ww2.ii.uj.edu.pl/~cyranka/img/Jacek_Cyranka.JPG

Jacek Cyranka

Assistant professor in Computer Science, University of Warsaw, Poland

email: jcyranka (at) gmail.com
skype: jdzako

My research is supported by NAWA the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange via a Polish Returns grant

My main research goal is to contribute new methods and explanatory fundamental theories to cyber-physical systems and machine learning by applying my strong background and years of experience in applied mathematics research. See Projects page for brief presentation of the most recent research project.

I am PI of a research group at MIM UW. Please reach me if you are interested in joining. Below list of current group members and alumni.
PhD Students:

  • Bartlomiej Polaczyk
  • Kajetan Janiak
MSc Students:
  • Piotr Rutkowski
  • Zuzanna Kwiatkowska
External collaboration:
  • esportslab.gg
  • Witold Szejgis
  • Zuzanna Opala
  • Alex Georges (PhD @ UC San Diego)
  • Misha Zanka
  • Jacek Plocharczyk

Current external academic collaborators include: Sicun Gao (UC San Diego), Radu Grosu (TU Wien), David Meyer (UC San Diego), Jean-Philippe Lessard (McGill University), Konstantin Mischaikow (Rutgers University),Scott Smolka (Stony Brook), Yongsoo Song (Microsoft Research).