TC Hu's Short Biography
T. C. Hu received his B.S. in Engineering from the National Taiwan University, M.S. in Engineering from the University of Illinois, and Ph.D in Applied Mathematics from Brown University. His research interests are:
  1. Combinatorial algorithms
  2. Mathematical programming and operators research
  3. Computer aided Designs

He has written two books "Integer Programming and Network Flows" (translated into German, Russian and Japanese) and "Combinatorial Algorithm ". Prof Hu and Prof E.S.Kuh co-edited the book "VLSI Layout".

Prof Hu has worked at the I.B.M. Research Center, the University of Wisconsin before joining the Faulty at UCSD. He has served as an associated editor SIAM and ORSA an editor of IEEE Transaction on Computers.

Some of his well-known research contributions are:
(I) The Gomory-Hu tree on Multi-terminal flows
(II) The Hu-Tucker algorithm for constructing optimum alphabetic binary code.
(III) The Hu-Shing algorithm on the multiplication of matrices.
(IV) The Hu-algorithm on parallel processing
(V) The replication cut for partitioning (joint with L.T.Liu, M.T. Kuo and C.K. Cheng) which was awarded as the best paper by IEEE society at Circuits and Systems in 1997 .