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*** Update*** I graduated with my Ph.D. in the Computer Science Department at University of California, San Diego this summer and joined the UHPC (Ultra-High Performance Computing) group at Intel Labs, Hillsboro Oregon. At UCSD, I worked in the Computer Architecture Lab where I was advised by Prof. Steve Swanson and Prof. Michael B. Taylor.

My research interest lies in Computer Architecture, Program Analysis and Algorithms. I am part of the Arsenal Project, which aims to scale system performance with increasing transistor counts in the presence of power/utilization wall. The project achieves this Moore’s Law style performance scaling by synthesizing Conservation Cores to optimize energy requirement per computation, and hence allowing more computations to run in parallel. In particular, I focus on automatically generating these energy efficient Conservation Cores for the target system workload. My research tackles the following three challenges involved in designing these energy-efficient circuits --- 1) support source code changes in the newer application versions, 2) support legacy “in-use” versions of their target applications and 3) make the area-energy tradeoff scalable by exploiting similarity within and across applications.


Ganesh Venkatesh

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