ANIMATION EAST AND WEST 1. INTRODUCTION A. Ryoko grew up in Japan, saw much anime on TV, but very surprised to see it so popular in US. Questions: why? What cultural differences? What makes anime attractive here? B. Will show 3 classics, Astro Boy, Mononoke Princess, Red Pig; then two with music by Ryoko, a short animation and rushes from UCSD film. Ryoko will also perform and Joseph will read. 2. ASTRO BOY [Tetsuwan Atom] A. Source of Japanese anime tradition, 193 children's TV shows 1963-66. Director Tezuka, Osamu (1928-1989); spread all over world. Originally music by Takai, Tatsuo, but now Yoshimatsu, Takashi. Famous version by of theme by J-pop group Zone in 1988. B. Show clip. C. Explain: AB is robot boy, first with a heart, 21st c. In battle with monster, opens heart; in West, would kill. No sound at all in key moments. D. Perform AB theme. Original naive, since for kids; then improvised 21st century version. E. Read translation. Expresses the aspiration of Japan to be strong via technology. 3. MONONOKE PRINCESS [forest spirit princess] A. Dir Miyazaki, Hayau. Music by Joe Hisaishi. 1997. Their goal is to make nature alive for us all again. B. Show clip. C. Explain: silence; cycle of reincarnation. D. Sing. E. Read translation. 4. RED PIG [Porco Rosso] A. Dir Miyazaki, Hayau. Music by Joe Hisaishi. 1999. Inspired by Saint Exuipery. American pirates before US in WW II. B. Show clip. C. Explain: silence is magic space between heaven and Earth; story has political dimension, East vs. West. 5. SHORT ADVERTISEMENT A. Done for an animation agency, 1999. Music by Ryoko. Explain process. B. Show clip, "Love". 6. AS GOOD AS TOUCHING A. Dir Megan O'Connor, music by Ryoko. 2004. Story summary. B. Clips with live piano. C. Describe process. 7. SUMMARY A. Violence: death more serious in East, more spiritual. East closer to nature, less abstract, less disembodied. B. Polytheism vs. monotheism. The gods are incarnations of kinds of energy. Animism in anime! Shinto and Buddhism. C. Characters are rarely all good or all bad in East; West more black and white, good and bad. D. Happy endings vs. more complex endings. Karma and reincarination. Everything is connected. E. Hunger in West for more deep, real feelings, more connection to nature, etc. Put energy of life back into world. [answers initial question] 8. ANY QUESTIONS? Ryoko and Joseph Goguen Given at UCSD, Dept of Music, 22 July 2004